ALBEDO New Age Music Artist- Doug Clyde

25 Aug 2017, News
2 Songs by New Age Artist Albedo Nominated for Utah Music Awards
Two songs by the New Age Music Artist Albedo have just been nominated for Best Instrumental Song by the Utah Music Awards. The song "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" from the album "The Nutcracker" and “Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity” from the album "The Planets". Both are cover songs done in a New Age style. Only four songs were nominated in that category. The awards ceremony will be held in Orem, Utah on September 22nd at Audio West. The album “The Nutcracker” is Albedo's 12th studio album. It is ...
26 Aug 2014, News
Brand New ALBEDO Album "Space Probes" Just Released and Now Available!
Brand New ALBEDO Album "Space Probes" Just Released and Now Available!          My brand new album has just been released! It's a New Age album called "Space Probes". It contains musical interpretations of select space probes of achievement. Unmanned robotic spacecraft that explored astronomical objects in our solar system other than earth, and were the first successful flyby, orbiter, lander, rover or ...
25 Jun 2014, News
ALBEDO Space Probes. New Age Music Album.
New Album "Space Probes", to be released in August, by New Age Music Artist ALBEDO. Musical interpretations of select space probes of achievement. Music is similar style to Mannheim Steamroller and Vangelis. A portion of the album proceeds will be donated to my local planetarium (Clark Planetarium), which will help make a significant positive impact on over 75,000 children each year.
05 Mrz 2014, News
Recapture the Magic of Final Fantasy!
"This Takes Me Back!" Recapture the Magic of Final Fantasy and Enjoy Some FREE Tracks From New Age Artist ALBEDO! You can now download his Final Fantasy VI cover song plus 2 more of his hit tracks for free!
03 Dez 2013, News
Expires Friday! ALBEDO Christmas Special
Get Your Digital Copy of ALBEDO's Christmas Album for just $5.99! Expires Friday 12/06/2013. For a limited time you can get a digital copy of my Christmas album for only $5.99! That's 12 MP3s for only $0.50 each! The offer expires this Friday, December 6th. As an extra bonus you will also receive the album cover image plus the piano solo sheet music for select titles. ALBEDO ...
02 Nov 2012, News
ALBEDO Christmas Now Available!
ALBEDO Christmas was released Today and is now available in CD or mp3 format!      Our brand new Christmas album was released today, November 1st, and is now available on CD or mp3 download. I couldn't in good conscience release a Christmas album before Halloween, so I waited until today. It's already up on iTunes and Google Play, plus several more will be available soon. Sheet music is also coming soon!     ...
05 Okt 2012, News
Symphony No. 1 "Forgotten Lands"
I just finished with the music for my first Symphony (Symphony No.1 "Forgotten Lands"). It ended up being over 400 pages long (includes title pages, score and parts), and 32 minutes in length. The sheet music is now available here on this website. High quality mp3s can be downloaded at the following link for the next week only. Enjoy! - Doug Clyde
02 Nov 2011, News
ALBEDO Forgotten Lands now on iTunes, Amazon, Zune, Plus Many More!
ALBEDO's new album “Forgotten Lands” now available on: iTunes, Amazon, Zune, plus many more! Pre-Order your CD now for only $5 at the link above! This is a limited time price. "Forgotten Lands" is the Symphonic Soundtrack to the video game "Forgotten Lands VIII: The Legend of Shadow Lake" by TBC Productions written for full orchestra. Sheet Music will be available by Christmas ...
21 Okt 2011, News
New album "Forgotten Lands" by ALBEDO
NEW ALBUM "Forgotten Lands" by ALBEDO! CD Pre-Orders only $5 for a limited time! Currently available for mp3 download on iTunes, Rhapsody, & Napster. CDs and mp3 downloads from more retailers will be available by Thanksgiving 2011! Sheet music will be available by Christmas 2011! Soundtrack to video game "Forgotten Lands: The Legend of Shadow Lake". - Doug Clyde ALBEDO MUSIC